Longmont Branch Leadership

Our Branch year runs from July 1 to June 30.  Leadership positions are for two years with members eligible to serve two consecutive terms in a position.  When possible, the President, Program Vice President and Finance Officer will be elected in odd numbered years and the Membership Vice President and Secretary will be elected in even-numbered years.

A nominating committee of at least three members, selected by the Board of Directors in February, prepares a list of nominees.  These names are published in the April newsletter prior to the annual business meeting in May, when voting by the members present occurs.

Read our President’s message for the 2017-18 year and check descriptions of our standing committees.

Leadership 2019-20

Elected Officers

President:  In lieu of a President, these duties will be handles by the Board and Administrator 

Administrator:  Kathy Hall

Membership VP:  Marcia Allen

Programs VP:  Bev Schrenk

Finance Officer: Linda Davies

Secretary:  Maryann Sperry

Standing Committee Chairs

AAUW Fund:  Susan Damon

Communications:  Kathy Hall

Community Action Grants:  Gayle Rainey

Courtesy:  Carol Cook

Historian: Kathy Hall

Local Scholarship Committee:  Bev Schrenk

Newsletter:  Wanda Schnabel  

Public Policy:  Darcy Juday

Yearbook: Vicki Moran