Become involved and take action … on a National level!

Get to know your members of Congress and how they voted  and much, much more.

Check out the Govtrack website to easily find out all about the current national issues and how your members of Congress have scored on AAUW issues.

Become a  Two-Minute Activist 

Sign up to receive urgent e-mails to contact your members of Congress right in your inbox.  Each email will give you a brief summary of the current issue and the opportunity to send a letter directly to your members of Congress with just one click.  You can also text AAUW to 21333 for alerts via text.  This service is available to everyone, not just AAUW members.

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Weekly, get an insider’s view of the public policy process, the latest policy news, and updates from the Public Policy and Government Department.

Explore issues in the AAUW Policy Position Papers

Read in-depth articles and research on issues such as Title IX, Education, Economic Security, and Civil Rights.  Printable Quick Facts and in-depth discussions on about 30 topics are available.

Get tips on how to Express Yourself

Take time to write your members of Congress; participate in community meetings with them in person; or send letters to the editor at your local newspaper on critical issues.  The AAUW Advocacy Toolkit provides tips for such actions as effective letter writing with samples and speaking directly with elected officials.

Letter submission rules are similar for all local papers and websites including for the Longmont Times-Call and Daily Camera.

Contact our Public Policy Chair to discuss ways to get more involved.

Darcy Juday at