Board Messages 2021-22 and Before

Annual Report for 2020-21

2021-22  Message from President Wanda Schnabel

Certainty – is there such a thing? While the vaccine promised us a difference, it did not signify an end to the life changes wrought by the pandemic. We will begin our program year with the Tapas and Wine meeting together outdoors, but in person. We hope to do more in-person events in the 2021-2022 year, and still remain flexible for everyone’s comfort and safety.

The past year, difficult as it has been, has increased our resiliency and technological expertise. We will not abandon those skills and learnings in the upcoming year. But one of the most significant things we have learned is to value each other, our Branch, our community, and the greater world.

The emphasis we will be focusing on in 2021-2022 is Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Already considerable thought is being given to DE&I in government, corporations, foundations, cultural institutions, AAUW, and among us individually. We value AAUW because of its long running foundation supporting issues that impact women and girls. While we continue that emphasis, we expand it to people in every circumstance without hinderance by gender, race, age, creed, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or class.

So, we will work to learn, to understand, and to expand ourselves because although certainty is cherished, it is not an absolute. Welcome to AAUW Longmont and join us this year with your ideas, involvement, and enthusiasm.

2020-21 Message from President Wanda Schnabel 

Welcome to the 2020-2021 year of the Longmont AAUW Branch. A new year, in a new time, that is unfortunately not post-COVID. I was so hopeful that by the fall we could be back to normal, but it appears that we will need to become accustomed to a ‘new normal’.

I like to say that I am a Pollyanna and a Procrastinator and while I am still hopeful for a resolution to this virus, I am very much a procrastinator right now because there is so much we do not know, and our planning needs to be flexible.

The Pollyanna side thinks that our Longmont Branch can still be effective in promoting our goals of Education * Equity * Leadership, although we may have to change our styles.  The program committee has been working all summer, together with Current Issues and Advocacy, to prepare programs that will educate us about racial bias, inclusivity, and economic equity.  The November election will give us a chance to study leadership and work to encourage everyone to vote. Unfortunately many of these programs will probably have to be via Zoom, but we have volunteers (see below) who are willing to help anyone unfamiliar with it.

The Procrastinator side says:  “be prepared for change, but not till you must.” I am a planner, and all of my summer trips had to be cancelled or rescheduled, but I always waited till the last possible day to do that, hoping it would not be necessary. Events, like the Fall Kickoff, will be different, and not a group gathering with good food, but a Happy Hour in the comfort and security of your own space. We have plans to connect in small groups with other members outdoors and more information will be forthcoming.

Stay safe, stay healthy, do only those things in your comfort zone, and be assured that members of this AAUW Branch are together.