Gourmet Dinner Group

Food, Friends and certainly FUN … That’s what you’ll experience at any one of the Gourmet Dinner Group’s events. The evening begins with about 25 members and guests getting together for appetizers and drinks as a group at one of our members’ homes, after which smaller groups of 8-10 move on to three or four members’ homes for a sit-down dinner. For a change of pace the summer gathering is usually a full-group picnic.

Recipes for each of the dinners are selected by a planning committee and prepared beforehand; the cost of the food is shared by all members of the club.

This group welcomes single members and members and their spouses or partners to join in.  There is no requirement to be a good cook.  It’s more important that you are opening to giving it a good try!

Even though we sometimes disagree about what we find tasty or how to fine-tune a dish, and we struggle finding recipes that will hold until after the cocktail party and that travel well, we always, always enjoy the convivial company of good friends!

2022 – 23 Fetes

~ Summer Salad Picnic  – July 23, 2022                                            ~ Winter – January 7, 2023                                                                  ~ Spring – March 2023

For more information contact:

Gayle Rainey, 303-772-6411

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