Gourmet Dinner Group

Food, Friends and certainly FUN … That’s what you’ll experience at any one of the Gourmet Dinner Group’s events. The evening begins with about 25 members and guests getting together for appetizers and drinks as a group at one of our members’ homes, after which smaller groups of 8-10 move on to three or four members’ homes for a sit-down dinner. For a change of pace the summer gathering is usually a full-group picnic. Recipes for each of the dinners are selected by a planning committee and prepared beforehand; the cost of the food is shared by all members of the club.

Even though we sometimes disagree about what we find tasty or how to fine-tune a dish, and we struggle finding recipes that will hold until after the cocktail party and that travel well, we always, always enjoy the convivial company of good friends!

2021-22 Fetes                                                                                                ~ Mediterranean Picnic  – August 21                                                      ~ Jr. League Specialties – November 6  and 20                                     ~ Spring Irish Feast – March 19 and 26

For more information contact:

Gayle Rainey, 303-772-6411, grainey46@gmail.com

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