Memoir Writing Group


The main goal of this group is to help “leave their legacy”, which can be made easier with the encouragement of others.

The group meets to share their writings on everything from profiles of relatives, anecdotes, trips, childhood, career paths, family heritage, holiday celebrations, and more.

The group meets the first Thursday of each month from 4:00 – 5:30 PM.  It has met in member’s homes but during the pandemic, be group began meeting on Zoom and will probably continue to do so.

New members are welcome to join the group at any time.  Newbies can benefit from the experience of those members who have been working on their “legacy” for some time.

For information contact Mary Webber, 303-581-0375

Since 2009, we have been writing and sharing our stories.

Our story collections for each person number over 75.  Meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month 4:30-5:45 in each other’s homes.  Hosting is voluntary.

Our group is only for sharing, not critiquing.  Members have studied different forms of writing and poetry and shared samples of other writers’ introspective pieces. Topics have included: family character traits, children, treasured possessions, holiday traditions, school days, travels, anecdotes, friends, old cars, politics, happy celebrations and mourning loss.

“I have written stories for my children about my grandmother’s terrifying chicken coop, my son’s bold teenage tattoos, and the tarantula loose in the neighborhood when I was growing up.”  muses Susan Damon.

“Memoir writing is a wonderful opportunity for me to revisit certain times and events, both past and present, in my life.  Ultimately my loved ones receive the gift of our family.”  posits Mary Weber.

Cynthia Rothbard participates monthly via Face-Time. “Memoir writing has been a wonderful opportunity to improve my writing skills; share my family stories with my children; and connect with friends every month.”             

 “We communicate a part of ourselves, our families, and our friends. These writings will be lovingly preserved and tell Our Story. ”  says Kathy Flynn.

Listening and sharing is therapeutic.  We share joys and sorrows. We laugh and maybe, sometimes we cry.  You can attend with writing in hand or come to just listen.  We learn from every story.  Come join us!

Kathy Flynn, 2018 Chair