Start Smart & Work Smart

Learn more about the existing pay gap in The Simple Truth report updated in 2021

If you are a young woman applying for your first job or a woman reentering the job market, or an employee getting ready to ask for raise, you need to hone your confidence and your salary negotiation skills.ONLINE … ONLINE … ONLINE … ONLINE … ONLINE …

We’d encourage you to attend one of our online Work Smart salary negotiation workshop OR attend one of our Start Smart workshops locally.  Both provide a great opportunity to build confidence and skills in negotiating a salary. There is no charge for either type of workshop and you’ll definitely see the results.

AAUW Work Smart is designed to help you negotiate for a new job, raise, or promotion. In every two-hour workshop you’ll gain confidence in your negotiation style through facilitated discussion and role-play and learn

  • How to identify and articulate your personal value
  • How to develop an arsenal of persuasive responses and other negotiation strategies, including how to get a raise or promotion
  • How to conduct objective market research to benchmark a target salary and benefits
  • About the wage gap, including its long-term consequences

AAUW Start Smart is designed for college women who are approaching the job market.  Start Smart workshops, in conjunction with Front Range Community College, will be announced here once they are scheduled.