Current Issues & Advocacy

Whether troubling or energizing, current issues of local, state and national importance are the topics of this discussion group. Such issues are discussed with a focus on “listening to understand” and an eye to what skills we need to develop to better deal with the issue, how we can help Affiliate members expand their skill base and specifically what actions the group may want to initiate on a particular issue.

From time-to-time, this interest group provides support to the Public Policy chair of the Affiliate and has orchestrated programs, including Living Wage in 2019 and Legislation 2020.

The group regularly meets on the third Monday of the month from 3:30 – 5:00 PM in  members’ homes, on patios or via Zoom, depending on the weather, for discussions and several times a year for skill building workshops or programs.  All Branch members are welcome to join us.

For information contact Nancy Holt,  303-772-5131

2019 Living Wage Panel …           

Conscious Conversations …

a 2-part workshop sponsored by the Current Issues and Advocacy interest group in October, 2017 focused on helping members and guests develop ways to have those “difficult” discussions so many of us are faced with today. Member and facilitator, Lyndy Lubbers, shared techniques for improving listening skills and developing rapport. She helped the group understand the principles of paraphrasing and strong questioning techniques.

Take a look at the Conscious Conversations key points and the TED Talk 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation with Celeste Headley to get an idea of the effective techniques learned in the workshops.