Exploring Community

We’re CURRENTLY ON HAITUS … contact Lois Boschee to help get things rolling again.

Want to learn more about Longmont?  Boulder County?  Northern Colorado?

This newly formed interest group is for you!

Many of our members have moved here from other part of the U.S. and are not familiar with the history and features of this area.  Our newest Interest Group is focused on giving members an opportunity to get to know one another and see what Longmont and the surrounding area has to offer.   A morning outing will be planned once-a-month, followed by lunch at a local restaurant for socializing.  The details of each month’s outing can be found in the newsletter.

The outings won’t be too strenuous and can be accessed by members of all abilities and interests.  RSVPs will be required as there will often be a small per-person tour fee and advance reservations may be required.  The cost of lunch is up to the individual.

If you have a curiosity about a certain place in the area, please let Lois Boschee, 719-460-6684

Recent outings have included:

  • Tour of the YA YA Farm & Orchard, with lunch at the Longmont Public House
  • Holiday Tour of the Hoverhome and lunch at the Niwot Tavern
  • Tour of Sandstone Ranch followed by lunch at Urban Fields
  • Walking Tour to see the murals in downtown Longmont and Lucille’s for lunch
  • Jack’s Solar Garden