Great Decisions

The 2024 Great Decisions Program –                        Deadline to register is October 10, 2023

Our branch sponsors this active discussion group in conjunction with the citizens’ world affairs education program from the nonpartisan, nonprofit Foreign Policy Association.  It is offered annually usually for eight or nine Mondays from 12:30 – 2:30 PMstarting in mid-January.

The group is nonpartisan and welcomes nonmembers.  It’s an enjoyable way to spend the cold weather months each year. The deadline for registration is typically in early October and the cost around $30.  The exact number of discussion groups, meeting locations, dates and times will be finalized once all participants have registered.

Even during the pandemic, this group was able to expand to over 30 active participants to through the use of Zoom and chat rooms.  Over the years, at least five new branch members have started as non-members participating in Great Decision.

Each year the discussion topics represent the most critical global issues facing America today.  Informed by the Association’s briefing book, the group studies the history of eight or nine foreign policy issues, discovers the U.S.’s various policy options and discusses the outcomes of each choice.

As a culminating activity each year, the group hosts a luncheon for the participants at a member’s home.  This gives everyone an opportunity to have one last discussion and possibly “get in the final word”.

The specific topics for 2024 are:

  • Mideast Realignment
  • Climate Technology and Competition
  • Science Across Borders
  • US-China Trade Rivalry
  • NATO’s Future
  • Understanding Indonesia
  • High Seas Treaty
  • Pandemic Preparedness

More about these topics can be found on the Great Decisions website.

To register or for information contact: